{Hoppily Ever After} Kelsey & Kendall’s Brewery Engagement | 32 North Brewery


One of my favorite engagement sessions of all time!  Why you ask? After all the engagement photos you’ve taken over the years, why this one Calli?  Well, its for three reasons…

  1. Couple madly in love.  This one is essential to any great photo of a couple in love. Obvious.
  2. BEER.  This was a brewery engagement shoot.  We took these photos at a cool local brewery called 32 North Brewing Co.  If you know me even a little, you know a good craft brew is one of my favorite things!  Also, when you take photos, it’s always a good idea to incorporate things that you love and even have props or things to do.
  3. Flower crowns!!! I’m a sucker for flower crowns.  And Ashley of Always Flawless Productions happened to have a hand in styling this shoot to perfection.  She gave it this cool theme, and made flower crowns.  Multiple because, yes, she made one for their dog Kobe!  Cuteness to the max.

If I could be known as the beer drinker’s wedding photographer, I would be more than OK with that.  I would be a very happy lady.  Do you like beer?  Then you will probably appreciate these photos 😉



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