{Angela&Regan} A Play Date… | Mission Trails Regional Park

{Angela&Regan} A Play Date…  |  Mission Trails Regional Park

So I’ve found that as a working photographer, it’s really important to plan photoshoots every once in awhile that are just for me 🙂  A couple that I choose, a location that I choose, a style that I’m excited about, and maybe some fun prop to challenge myself or get creative with.  That’s what this one is about.  It was “a play date” 🙂

I met Angela (of Three50Bakes) through a friend when planning a styled shoot last December, and from the moment we sat down for coffee, I felt completely comfortable and loved.  I have a feeling she makes every single person she meets feel like that!  Just that kinda girl you know?  Also, she’s creatively brilliant…. seriously…  Check out her instagram!  After seeing these photos, you’ll know why I thought her and her man were perfect for this shoot.  They’re freaking adorable and pretty much gooftastic! Lol.

Love their style, and their way of being together.  This shoot right here, is just all kinds of good.

dsc_7687 dsc_7695 dsc_7697 dsc_7707 dsc_7712 dsc_7723 dsc_7724-2 dsc_7731 dsc_7745 dsc_7751 dsc_7756 dsc_7760 dsc_7765 dsc_7769 dsc_7777-2 dsc_7783 dsc_7791 dsc_7807 dsc_7819-2 dsc_7832 dsc_7841 dsc_7848 dsc_7865 dsc_7869 dsc_7872 dsc_7883 dsc_7886 dsc_7913 dsc_7927 dsc_7936 dsc_7974-2 dsc_7981 dsc_8007 dsc_8093dsc_8040 dsc_8062 dsc_8070 dsc_8076 dsc_8106 dsc_8107 dsc_8118 dsc_8123 dsc_8130 dsc_8196 dsc_8202 dsc_8214 dsc_8231 dsc_8244 dsc_8249


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  1. Ok im sitting in my car with tears in my eyes over how sweet you are and how fun & absolutely lovely these photos are. Thank you so much for having us enjoy this experience with you, Calli!! You are truly talented and I’m so glad we’re able to be a part of your magic. Xoxo

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