{Andrew&Sigournee} Bernardo Winery Wedding | Rancho Bernardo, CA

{Andrew&Sigournee} Bernardo Winery Wedding | Rancho Bernardo, CA

Guys.  This was my first San Diego wedding!  The first is always memorable.  I still remember my first few Chicago weddings and how honored I felt that they chose me and believed in me to capture the biggest day of their life!  And this one at the Bernardo Winery was no different.  Andrew and Sigournee will forever live in my heart as my first couple here.  Not just because they were my first… but because they are one of the most epic couples and weddings I’ve photographed to date.  This wedding, was EVERYTHING everyone loves about weddings.  Andrew and Sigournee met and have been a couple since high-school!  And it wasn’t one of those, “we’ve been together so long, this is just a formality” kind of weddings.  These kids are still so obviously in love with each other and don’t take it for granted.  There were SO many tears (happy of course), and SO much laughter.  And the people they surround themselves with are equally as amazing.  The ceremony was at the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo, and the reception in Sigournee’s parents’ backyard in Scripps Ranch which made it feel that much more personal and meaningful.  Just… see for yourself 🙂  DSC_0203 DSC_0223 DSC_0252 DSC_0262 DSC_0558DSC_0293 DSC_0302 DSC_0320 DSC_0903DSC_0395-2 DSC_0417 DSC_0423 DSC_0431 DSC_0439 DSC_0442DSC_0449DSC_0520RTP_9434DSC_0621DSC_0663DSC_0634-2KAD_4183 2 KAD_4251 2 KAD_4296 2 KAD_4321 2 KAD_4316 2 CED_7050 CED_6924 CED_6912 CED_6915KAD_4408 2CED_7289CED_7288DSC_0973DSC_0975KAD_4636 2DSC_1070KAD_4642 2CED_7520CED_7504CED_7545DSC_1223DSC_1228DSC_1219DSC_1240CED_7782DSC_1254DSC_1413DSC_1441DSC_1477DSC_0809DSC_0730DSC_0692DSC_0719DSC_0686KAD_4463 2KAD_4487 2KAD_4443 2   KAD_4439 2DSC_1821DSC_1832DSC_1841DSC_1895-2DSC_1897DSC_1899DSC_1974CED_8454DSC_1929DSC_2036DSC_2039DSC_2054DSC_2071DSC_1613DSC_1553DSC_1586DSC_0280DSC_0274DSC_2320DSC_0275DSC_0278KAD_4820 2   KAD_4809 2DSC_2083DSC_2245DSC_2238DSC_2174DSC_2194DSC_2210DSC_2262DSC_2255DSC_2277DSC_2309DSC_2297DSC_2339DSC_2383DSC_2416DSC_2429DSC_2435DSC_2492DSC_2507DSC_2543


Everyone’s speach was amazing, funny, and emotional… I didn’t know if the last one could top it.  But then he started rapping!  Her brother wrote the most beautiful spoken word/rap in honor of his sis and her marriage, and everyone was in awe!  Coolest speech I’ve experienced to date!

DSC_2578KAD_5216 2DSC_2624DSC_2637DSC_2628KAD_5244 2KAD_5245 2KAD_5272 2KAD_5291 2DSC_3106

KAD_5485 2

…and then someone walked through the screen door :/



I just had to sneak in an artistic shot of my cutie taking in the reception 😉

DSC_3155DSC_3329DSC_3418DSC_3456KAD_5537 2KAD_5412 2DSC_3708DSC_3716-2DSC_3541DSC_3535DSC_3737DSC_3767CED_9900CED_9863-2DSC_3755


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