Angelic Photos in Borrego Springs, CA


I had the absolute pleasure to do something last month that I had never done before… A FASHION SHOOT!  It was for Angelic Magazine, a magazine that shares inspiring fashion photos, amazing musicians, and stories from photographers, hair and makeup artists, and models across the US.  We picked the theme “He makes all things new”, which led us to shoot this gorgeous model in the desert… beauty in a dry, desolate place.  Only about six of the photos were chosen for the zine, but I had to share the rest with you because… well… they are too good to not be seen 🙂  Enjoy my friends!  DSC_5682DSC_5687DSC_5705DSC_5743DSC_5786DSC_5792DSC_5807DSC_5823DSC_5846DSC_5858DSC_5951DSC_5962DSC_5988DSC_6021DSC_6026DSC_6038DSC_6046DSC_6049DSC_6078DSC_6101DSC_6132DSC_6158DSC_6173DSC_6169DSC_6206DSC_6221DSC_6251DSC_6259DSC_6371DSC_6391DSC_6408DSC_6419DSC_6428DSC_6464DSC_6480DSC_6498DSC_6532DSC_6536DSC_6537DSC_6552DSC_6557DSC_6567DSC_6572DSC_6578DSC_6596-2DSC_6604DSC_6608DSC_6671DSC_6681DSC_6686DSC_6696DSC_6712

Hair/Makeup by Melissa Edwards of Southwestern Styling

Modeling by the lovely Tiffany Souders

Styling by Kat Ward


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