{2015 Year in Review}


Oh Friends. What a year this has been(isn’t it always?!?!).

In my personal life, I started the year planning my wedding (I understand my brides on a new level now), marrying the love of my life in April(YESSSSS), moving in together(oh man!), and trekking across the country to San Diego for his new job in August. Whew! A LOT of big adjustments, but I can happily say, I have the BEST and sweetest husband ever, and did not hate the warmer Christmas season in CA like I thought I would.  haha.  So far, my(our) favorite part of married life is waking up next to each other and cuddling each morning 🙂 I’ve managed to hold on to all things cozy in a place that… doesn’t need sweaters, warm socks and fuzzy blankets quite as much as the Midwest.  That makes me happy 🙂

In my business, I was sad to put a hold on booking weddings in Chicago because of the move, but in starting over have found more free time to be so refreshing.  I have been able to think creatively and do things I always wanted to but never had time for, such as planning and photographing a styled wedding shoot!  I am definitely already imagining the next ones to come in the new year 🙂  I was also fortunate enough to connect with an amazing San Diego photographer (Shelly Anderson Photography–she rocks!) and have gotten to second shoot for her a bit… allowing me experience the joy and beauty of weddings while I wait to book more weddings of my own 🙂

This year, has been all about new beginnings.  And in these new beginnings, I’ve learned so much!  Mostly though, its been all about trusting.  Trusting that God is there.  Trusting that He loves me and will work everything out for me.  And trusting that not only does He love us and provide all that we need, but He loves to woo and surprise us with more than we could ever ask for.  Because that’s his style… Because that’s love 🙂  I have no idea what this new year will bring, but I know He surprises me every single year.  2015, you were a roller coaster.  2016, may you be blessed!

And without further ado, here were my favorite people and moments of Color&Cake Photography this year:



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