{Liz&Matt} Riverside Receptions Wedding | Geneva, IL


Ooooooh Liz&Matt.  A couple after my own heart.  Classy, fun, down-to-earth.  Redheads. Liz is a straight up bombshell, sweet but sassy, and Matt is the sweetest of grooms.  AND. We went to a brewery to take photos. Whaaaat? Yes. It was amazing.  These guys know how to have a good time 🙂  The details throughout the day were incredible… Liz’s mom was working her tail off to make so many amazing things (like the bridesmaids’  cigar box handbags) that made my day so fun and never strapped for things to photograph!    Thank you so much for such an amazing day y’all!  I pray married life is even better than you dreamed 🙂  You deserve it.

Also, a shout out to the ever so talented Tomas Martinsen for second shooting with me that day!  I think we made a great team 🙂DSC_9953DSC_0007DSC_0014DSC_0027DSC_0056DSC_0128DSC_0161DSC_0181-EditIMG_3277IMG_3288IMG_3301IMG_3303DSC_0226DSC_0245DSC_0256DSC_0268DSC_0273IMG_3499IMG_3504DSC_0279DSC_0292-EditDSC_0302DSC_0306DSC_0323DSC_0329DSC_0345DSC_0339DSC_0342DSC_0348DSC_0368DSC_0372DSC_0399DSC_0403DSC_0482IMG_3444IMG_3431IMG_3438DSC_0491DSC_0506DSC_0513DSC_0547DSC_0554DSC_0556DSC_0557DSC_0613DSC_0214IMG_3424IMG_3429IMG_3474-2DSC_0411DSC_0640DSC_0729-EditDSC_0733IMG_3770DSC_0807DSC_0838DSC_0900DSC_1032DSC_1033DSC_1063DSC_1112DSC_1490DSC_3173DSC_1501DSC_1556DSC_3213DSC_3214-2DSC_1080DSC_1072DSC_1089DSC_1613DSC_1634DSC_1332DSC_1333DSC_1295IMG_3850IMG_3870DSC_1686DSC_1688DSC_1697DSC_1879DSC_1890DSC_1894DSC_1899DSC_1910DSC_1992DSC_2002DSC_2115DSC_2147DSC_2167DSC_2187DSC_2249DSC_2311DSC_2320DSC_2353DSC_2388DSC_2442DSC_2516DSC_2602DSC_2611


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