Jason&Mallory | Byron Colby Barn Wedding


Mallory and Jason.  One of the funnest couples I’ve had the pleasure of getting to photograph!  Just… so… goofy.  But down to earth and easy to be around.  After a few minutes with them, you just want to crawl into their world and stay forever.  So… here are a few moments for you to crawl into 🙂 DSC_5054DSC_5084DSC_5152DSC_5301DSC_5314DSC_5334DSC_5349-2IMG_1578IMG_1601IMG_1581IMG_1639DSC_5039DSC_5214DSC_5213DSC_5384DSC_5439DSC_5451

DSC_8826DSC_5524DSC_5527DSC_5767DSC_5787DSC_5795DSC_5811DSC_5837-EditDSC_5850DSC_5868DSC_5729DSC_5904DSC_5896DSC_5930DSC_5946DSC_5957DSC_5980DSC_5989DSC_5996DSC_5998DSC_6007-2DSC_6024DSC_6026DSC_6037DSC_6062DSC_6083IMG_1625DSC_5135DSC_5058DSC_5078DSC_6200DSC_8845DSC_6274DSC_6276DSC_6287DSC_6301DSC_6394DSC_6405IMG_1916DSC_7049DSC_7148DSC_7218DSC_7246DSC_7273DSC_7467DSC_7502DSC_7530DSC_7547-2DSC_7296 Oooooh and guess who made it into their wedding photos but yours truly 😉  Dearest VonRohns… I miss you already, but am way pumped that our lives will reconnect at the Goeller/Meinerz wedding next summer! Yes, please 🙂


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