{Jess&Chris} County Line Orchard Wedding



Jess&Chris are an amazing couple that had an amazing wedding 🙂  I was so lucky to be a part of it!  The perfect combination of sweet and spunky…. with pretty great style too, I must say.  The ceremony was down at Chris’s home church in Lansing, IL.  Reception at County Line Orchard in Indiana…  I think the photos speak for themselves!DSC_2404DSC_2420DSC_2440DSC_2445DSC_2462DSC_2484DSC_2499DSC_2519-2DSC_2548DSC_2550DSC_2593DSC_2602DSC_3415DSC_3425DSC_2630DSC_2638DSC_2639DSC_2645DSC_2649DSC_2653DSC_2665DSC_2700DSC_2736DSC_2739DSC_2825DSC_2902DSC_2977DSC_2984DSC_3052DSC_3098DSC_3099DSC_3123-2DSC_3144DSC_3166DSC_3162DSC_3203DSC_3233DSC_3228DSC_3253DSC_3280-EditDSC_3293DSC_3331-EditDSC_3336DSC_3369DSC_3377DSC_3388DSC_3758DSC_3765DSC_8678DSC_3833DSC_3888DSC_3893DSC_3981DSC_3963DSC_3979DSC_4048DSC_3994DSC_3997DSC_4074DSC_4353DSC_4363DSC_4365DSC_4368DSC_4410DSC_4067DSC_4592DSC_4766DSC_4780DSC_4934DSC_4953DSC_4988DSC_4994


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