{Laurel&Aaron} Allerton Park Engagement


SO HAPPY for my dear friend Laurel and her man Aaron!  She’s been one of my best friends since high school and it is so exciting to see her find one who fits her so perfectly and brings so much joy into her life…. can you ask for anything more for your friends? We drove up to beautiful Allerton Park and marveled at the fact that we’d never been there!  If you’ve never been… GO.  Its so beautiful… and a beautiful place to be in love 🙂  DSC_9029DSC_9047DSC_9052-2DSC_9082DSC_9099DSC_9104DSC_9118DSC_9124DSC_9129DSC_9135DSC_9146DSC_9156DSC_9167DSC_9172DSC_9184DSC_9185DSC_9188DSC_9194DSC_9215DSC_9243DSC_9269DSC_9284DSC_9294DSC_9313DSC_9329DSC_9344DSC_9429DSC_9446DSC_9357DSC_9392DSC_9395DSC_9385DSC_9405DSC_9417DSC_9368DSC_9377DSC_9450DSC_9459DSC_9471


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