{Tabitha&Bryan} Naperville Riverwalk Engagement


OOOOOOh Tabitha&Byan 🙂  I had met Tabitha a few times through friends at home and when she got herself engaged and sent me an email, I couldn’t be more thrilled!  What a sweet, caring woman, easy to be yourself and laugh with!  Meeting Bryan was equally as sweet… as good women tend to get amazing men am I right?  I’ve said it once, I’ll be saying it forever, my favorite thing about photographing couples in love is the look the guy has when he looks at his girl… you just can’t fake it.  For some reason, its so much more obvious in men.  Bryan definitely has that look for Tabitha…  Making my job easy and sweet…. Cheers friends!  I CAN’T WAIT for your wedding in a few short months!DSC_1524DSC_1531DSC_1575DSC_1578DSC_1598DSC_1621DSC_1636DSC_1668DSC_1673DSC_1678-EditDSC_1701DSC_1706DSC_1740DSC_1755DSC_1758DSC_1769DSC_1772DSC_1787-EditDSC_1796DSC_1490DSC_1840DSC_1844DSC_1849DSC_1857DSC_1864DSC_1878DSC_1900DSC_1893DSC_1902DSC_1905DSC_1906DSC_1914DSC_1927-EditDSC_1928-EditDSC_1932DSC_1939DSC_1948DSC_1969DSC_1973DSC_1986DSC_2013DSC_2027DSC_2029DSC_2057DSC_2065DSC_2073DSC_2083DSC_2089-EditDSC_2099DSC_2108DSC_2147DSC_2198DSC_2207DSC_2213DSC_2225DSC_2236DSC_2245


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