Tea Parties are Just Delightful


I was incredibly flattered when Christina Mays (of 27 Dresses) approached me at Indie Wed in January and said she was planning a styled wedding shoot that she thought my style of photography would be perfect for 🙂  I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but as new to the industry as I am, I just hadn’t made the right connections yet.  So we set the date, and they planned the shoot.  We got incredibly lucky with the weather and I was wowed by the details!  It was so much fun and I hope you feel inspired from it.  I definitely was… I got to take the flowers home and my living room has never been sweeter.  Happy planning friends 🙂DSC_5454DSC_5455DSC_5462DSC_5506DSC_5551DSC_5548DSC_5552DSC_5559DSC_5560DSC_5588DSC_5367DSC_5438DSC_5350DSC_5754DSC_5767DSC_5771DSC_5758DSC_5775DSC_5675DSC_5633DSC_5654DSC_5660DSC_5477DSC_5451DSC_5433DSC_5420DSC_5389DSC_5406DSC_5397DSC_5116DSC_5244DSC_5265DSC_5323DSC_5687DSC_5234DSC_5233DSC_5276DSC_5604DSC_5751DSC_5744DSC_5732DSC_5690DSC_5573

Overall Design/Concept – AKM Events www.akmevents.com
Wardrobe/Accessory Design – 27 Dresses Designs www.27dressesdesigns.com
Photography – Color and Cake Photography www.colorandcakeweddings.com
Hair and Makeup – Beauty Pros www.thebeautyprosnwi.com
Floral Design – Lake Effect Florals www.lakeeffectflorals.com
Desserts – Wildflour www.wildflourvalpo.com
Stationary – Paper Treasures www.papertreasuresdesigns.com
Venue – Ogden Gardens http://www.ci.valparaiso.in.us/index.aspx?nid=632
Models – Bride, Victoria Myers
Groom, Troy Hill
Bridesmaid(purple), Kayla Pomeroy
Bridesmaid(green), Lauren Hunt




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