{Missy&Alex} Lincoln Park | Winter Engagement


Missy&Alex were so sweet!  I love how these turned out– I think snowy engagement/wedding photos add an extra element  of romance and magic.  I used to always want a Fall wedding for myself…. but the case for winter is building… 😉  Thanks for braving the cold you guys!  These photos warm my heart right up.DSC_0308DSC_0370DSC_0390DSC_0411DSC_0424-EditDSC_0481DSC_0486DSC_0347DSC_0510DSC_0558DSC_0566DSC_0583-EditDSC_0589DSC_0600DSC_0611DSC_0620DSC_0621DSC_0326DSC_0648DSC_0651DSC_0696DSC_0703DSC_0710DSC_0718DSC_0729DSC_0732-EditDSC_0764DSC_0767DSC_0790DSC_0742


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