{Meredith&Tim} Prairie Production Chicago Wedding


Meredith&Tim. Aaaaahhh. Stinkin fun couple.  It rained on their wedding day, but funny enough… I don’t remember any rain!  Because their energy was so bright.  They laugh so much together.  Their family was so warm and loving.  From our first meeting, this couple had me at Big Star taco truck 🙂  The bride and her father surprised everyone with a choreographed dance.  Yes, the father did… the stanky leg. Whaaat? Yes.  Meredith&Tim and family: thank you for being so awesome!  This night was definitely a highlight of my year!  Also thanks to Logan Square Theater for letting us take pictures in your amazing space!DSC_3363DSC_3331DSC_3335DSC_3383DSC_3392DSC_3394DSC_3432DSC_3452DSC_3469DSC_3474DSC_3523DSC_3530DSC_3531DSC_3533-2DSC_3781DSC_3793DSC_3850DSC_3877DSC_3891DSC_4006DSC_4072DSC_4159DSC_4165DSC_4190DSC_4220DSC_4240DSC_4247DSC_4272DSC_4278DSC_4282DSC_4285DSC_4291DSC_4316DSC_4335DSC_4347DSC_4364DSC_4378DSC_4392DSC_4643DSC_4695DSC_4714-EditDSC_4726DSC_4780DSC_2322DSC_4872DSC_2340DSC_4909DSC_2361DSC_5039DSC_4892DSC_2621DSC_4906DSC_5413DSC_5507-EditDSC_5513-EditDSC_5442DSC_5444DSC_5494DSC_5532DSC_5651DSC_5659DSC_5666DSC_5676DSC_5696-EditDSC_5785DSC_5788DSC_6006DSC_6065DSC_6087DSC_6093DSC_6112DSC_6247DSC_6259DSC_6144DSC_6352DSC_6366DSC_6371DSC_6401


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