{Ashley&Derek} Country Club Wedding | Crete, IL


Ashley&Derek.  Where do I begin with this couple?  I was connected to this family through Lori Clinton, an amazing florist and event designer that had done my dear friends’ wedding (Chelsea&Tate).  I was told that it would be an emotional day of families being reunited and together, and of course, celebration of their beloved ones joining together in marriage.  I wasn’t quite prepared though, for how sweet it would truly be!  I caught myself almost every minute getting lost in the emotions of the day and having to be cautious of tearing up in the viewfinder of my camera!  It was a love fest, hug fest, tear fest, and my favorite… a dance fest!  Ashely was every bit as enchanting, caring, and beautiful as her mother described her, and Derek was gracious, thoughtful, and looked at her in the way that every girl hopes to be looked at and cherished in her life.  I felt more than blessed to be there and am incredibly happy with what I captured.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Cheers!  DSC_0014DSC_0017DSC_0107DSC_0155-EditDSC_0137-EditDSC_0221DSC_0233DSC_0260-EditDSC_0295-EditDSC_0319DSC_0328DSC_9984DSC_0079-EditDSC_0082DSC_0386DSC_0472DSC_0473DSC_0475DSC_0546DSC_0561DSC_0580DSC_0597DSC_0602DSC_0609DSC_0620DSC_0633DSC_0634DSC_0667DSC_9980DSC_0751DSC_0762DSC_0765DSC_0776-Edit-2DSC_0813-EditDSC_0822-EditDSC_0825DSC_0832-EditDSC_0994DSC_0986-EditDSC_1008DSC_1028DSC_1031DSC_1043DSC_1046-EditDSC_1052-EditDSC_1061-EditDSC_1084-EditDSC_1096DSC_1104DSC_1125-EditDSC_1128-EditDSC_1134DSC_1149-EditDSC_0028DSC_0042DSC_0343DSC_0348DSC_0349DSC_0355-EditDSC_0356-EditDSC_0685-EditDSC_1160DSC_1255DSC_1361DSC_1369DSC_1402-EditDSC_1430-EditDSC_1493DSC_1742DSC_1820DSC_1873-EditDSC_1941-EditDSC_2113-EditDSC_2096-EditDSC_2174DSC_2185DSC_2307DSC_2330-EditDSC_2391DSC_2406-Edit


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