{Kellye&Oz} Three Sweet Years Later | Millennium Park Shoot


I was so flattered when Kellye (a talented photographer herself) asked me to do some pictures of her and her husband for their 3rd anniversary.  Its always so good to be encouraged by other artists 🙂

Its such a great idea to continue to document yourselves as you grow older together…  I hope to do the same if ever I find a fella!  COUPLES: DO THIS.  Its fun!

What a sweet couple they are!  I think they resemble Mark Ruffalo and Nicole Kidman? haha.  Right???  Anyway… I had a blast and I think you can tell in the pictures.. enjoy!

DSC_2871 DSC_2892 DSC_2894-Edit DSC_2895-Edit DSC_2903-Edit DSC_2905-Edit DSC_2907-Edit DSC_2914-Edit DSC_2920-Edit DSC_2928-Edit DSC_2933-Edit DSC_2942-Edit DSC_2946-Edit DSC_2954-Edit-Edit DSC_2963-Edit


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