{Matt&Breanne} Field Museum Engagement



I’m always excited to try out different locations, especially when the location is unique and meaningful to the couple.  Matt and Breanne love visiting this spot, and got engaged by the lake right outside it 🙂  When they told me they wanted to do some at the Field Museum, I had no idea what I was in for… I’d never been!  I was pleasently surprised 🙂  The museum is old and beautiful, and interesting!  I had trouble getting through it in the brief time we had because every time we turned a corner I wanted to stop and photograph it!  Thank you so much for introducing me to such a beautiful place friends 🙂  I had so much fun getting to know you more and I can’t wait for you wedding this December! DSC_7478-Edit DSC_7502-Edit DSC_7530-Edit DSC_7542-Edit DSC_7582-Edit DSC_7613-Edit DSC_7620-Edit DSC_7702-Edit DSC_7704-Edit DSC_7642-EditDSC_7690DSC_7663-Edit DSC_7760DSC_7740DSC_7744 DSC_7776 DSC_7822 DSC_7837-Edit DSC_7873 DSC_7875 DSC_7861 DSC_7939 DSC_7918 DSC_7927 DSC_7965 DSC_8010 DSC_7973-Edit DSC_8000


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