{Chris&Sonia} Chicago Botanic Garden


My wise father once told me, “Calli, marriage is really all about having fun, so find someone that you have a lot of fun with.”  Now I know that there is much more that goes into a happy marriage than being able to laugh together, but if there is any truth to that statement, this couple is going to be juuuuust fine! They had such youthful, joyful energy, and were so natural together.  I had never been to the Chicago Botanic Garden before, and you might think that late November it would not be too interesting, but you would be wrong!  I could have wandered around for hours!  It was so fun to explore around all the in and outs of the landscape, and even FUNNER (that’s right, I said it!) to photograph a lovely couple in it.  Then we headed over to one of Chris’s favorite local coffee shops to capture their mutual love for coffee 🙂  They, very sweetly, bought me a latte… I couldn’t have been happier!

DSC_3753DSC_3757 DSC_3764 DSC_3734 DSC_3773 DSC_3802-Edit DSC_3780 DSC_3781-Edit DSC_3791DSC_3833-Edit DSC_3858 DSC_3851 DSC_3862-Edit DSC_3906-Edit DSC_3925-Edit DSC_3928-Edit   DSC_3933-Edit   DSC_3923 DSC_3943 DSC_3953 DSC_3957 DSC_3993 DSC_4000-Edit-2 DSC_4013 DSC_4021-Edit DSC_4062 DSC_4089 DSC_4112


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